The following information has been compiled as a reference guide to explain our printing process and to assist our clients when supplying files for print. If you require further assistance please phone 0800 48 58 68 or email


Fisher Print can take a print job right through from design to the finished product. The general process for a print job is as follows:

  • Should you wish to discuss your design requirements, we can arrange for one of our Account Managers to meet with you. Or you can liaise directly with one of our experienced graphic designers.
  • The job is completed by the pre-press department, a print proof is provided for the customer to approve by either hardcopy or emailed pdf. A colour accurate rip proof can be produced if required.
  • Once approval has been given the print job will imposed and sent through to either the digital press or for plates to be created (CTP) and then these plates are sent through to the factory for printing. Speciality work such as embossing, die-cutting, laminating, foiling is completed.
  • Finishing requirements are then carried out by the bindery team, such as trimming, folding and collating. Work is then dispatched to the customer.
  • Should you wish to have your job reprinted at a later stage or make changes, we can quickly do that for you as we archive all completed jobs.

















Corel DRAW



Please supply all links and fonts with Raw files. If you do not wish to supply the font please convert all text to lines/curves. Files created using earlier versions of the programme will be accepted, but we cannot open files created using versions higher than listed - a high resolution Press Quality PDF should be supplied instead. We also accept Microsoft Office programmes such as Word and Publisher.


We accept high resolution Press Quality PDF files using the correct colours (either SPOT or CMYK). Please ensure supplied files have a minimum bleed of 3mm if required and trim marks. Please check with our pre-press department if you are not sure how to save your artwork as a Press Quality PDF.


When converting a job from process to spot or vice-versa, the colours cannot always be accurately matched. It is also important to note that digitally printed colours cannot be matched exactly to process printed colour. For a spot colour job colours must be chosen from the PMS colour swatch guide. PMS colours differ when printed on gloss, matt and offset stock (inks are absorbed more on porous stock and have a duller finish).


Photos and logos (unless vector) that have been scanned or taken with a digital camera must be at least 300dpi or higher. If they are not 300dpi then the end result can come out looking pixelated which is usually not the desired outcome. Please check your settings on your digital camera - the higher the quality setting the better! Images are generally best supplied in either tiff, eps or jpeg format. We can scan images from hard copy supplied for you if required.


Our staff can help you select the most appropriate stock for your job. There are many options available depending on your requirements. Common types are offset, matt, gloss and cast coated, and come in a variety of weights (GSM).

There is a universal classification system for paper sizing:
SRA2 640 X 450MM A1 594 X 841MM A5 148.5 X 210MM
SRA3 450 X 320MM A2 420 X 594MM A6 105 X 148.5MM
SRA4 320 X 225MM A3 297 X 420MM A7 74 X 105MM
SRA5 160 X 225MM A4 210 X 297MM DLE 99 X 210MM

Standard business card size is 55 x 90mm.


When supplying filies please remember:

Raw files

  • All fonts must be supplied or convert text to paths/lines/curves.
  • All links i.e. tiffs, eps, jpegs used are to be supplied.
  • All links must be at least 300dpi.

For all supplied files:

  • Please supply a printout of the final file if possible.
  • Correct colours to be used: either CMYK or Pantone (PMS) colours.
  • A bleed of at least 3mm is required for jobs that have images printed right up to the edge of the page. Files can be supplied on CD, DVD, Memory Stick, Emailed (we can accept files up to 20MB) or via file sharing websites such as Hightail, WeTransfer or Dropbox. We also have our own FTP site - if you wish to use this please contact our Prepress Department and they will email through instructions.
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