Mojo Business Networks

Mojo Business Networks approached Fisher Print as a start-up company who provided free of charge presentation folders within the Real Estate industry. To fund these, the real estate agency would provide a list of “referrers”, who Mojo would approach to sell advertising space featuring on the inside front and back covers of the presentation folders.

Mojo were looking to establish a relationship with a printing company for the print and supply of the folders, but more importantly they wanted a partner who would manage the entire end-to-end process of creating and producing the advertisements once these had been sold.  This would free up Mojo’s time to concentrate on signing up agencies and selling advertising space.

Although Fisher Print wasn’t currently managing this kind of process for other clients, they saw the potential in the venture and were keen to establish a relationship. Fishers appointed a designated Prepress expert and with the help of the Account Manager developed a methodical, seamless approach for managing the advertisement process. This allowed fast turnaround times for the folders, resulting in Mojo getting paid by the advertisers sooner. Needless to say they were very happy with the arrangement.

Fisher Print is always open to implementing new processes that will benefit their clients.  Like the print industry as a whole, Fisher Print is constantly evolving.

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